Shearing Handpiece - Fast, Easy and Cost Effective Way for Farm Shearing Jobs

          Whether you are running a farm or farming your work out, everybody needs tools that will bring them quick results. The easier it is, the more cost-effective it is, making all your efforts that much more satisfying. So why not take some of the hard work and drudgery out of the equation?

The latest shearing handpiece technology features compact portable electric clippers that can be used for just about any shearing operation you can think of. If you’re still doing things the old-fashioned way, it is time you switched on to the potential these modern devices can offer.

Lightweight and Portable Take Anywhere Clippers
          Shears such as the Beiyuan Lithium Battery Shearing Clipper are light and user-friendly, making every shearing job that little bit easier. It includes its own battery pack for 4 hours of continuous use and comes with its own belt & battery pouch for complete portability. Charge it up, clip it on, head out to the job and get to work. Suits professionals and hobby farmers alike, in the field or in the yard, and is the perfect portable solution for shearing, dagging or crutching sheep, alpacas and goats. Just hop on your 4WD and you’re able to work anywhere.

Saves You Time and Money
            The Beiyuan Clipper sits in your holster ready to use when you are. It’s attached to the battery pack by a 1-metre long piece of curled flexible electric cord that won’t get in your way. The slimline handpiece is ergonomically designed to make shearing easier, while its maximum 2700 rpm motor gives you all the power you’ll ever need. A rechargeable lithium battery eliminates the need for battery replacement, and the clipper also includes 2 x 76 mm wide combs and 4 x 4 mm thick cutters. Other models can cost as much as $1500, making the Beiyuan as affordable as it is practical.

Strong, Safe and Simple to Use
               Shear animals on the spot, wherever they are, with high quality clippers that are strong enough to cope with the bumps and bangs, yet light enough to manoeuvre around animals easily. These handpieces feature built-in air vents to allow the air to circulate and keep the motor cool while running. That makes your job easier with less stoppage time noted, and also ensures no harm comes to the animals. What is more, the clippers are ready to use straight from the box, so there is no worries about having to get used to them.
Tested by professional and experienced shearers, these portable Beiyuan clippers offer incredible value for money. That is crucial these days when hiring in professional shearers can cost an arm and a leg. Animals have got to be sheared to keep them clean and infection free. The best way to achieve this is by using tools designed especially for the job, tools that anyone can use that give top quality results every time.
Contact your local shearing suppliers today to find out more about how you can take advantage of the latest shearing technology and save time and money in the process.

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